The efforts put forth by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in their women's policies have advanced women's rights and expanded women's social participation, resulting in the betterment of women's socioeconomic status. However, existing women's policies prove to have difficulties with issues regarding women in various areas such as education, environment, health, culture, transportation and housing policies which all influence women's everyday lives because of a lack of gender-sensitive perspectives. Acknowledging the limitations of the existing policy, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has adopted a new policy approach which, beyond gender equality, incorporates women's perspectives and experiences in a broad range of city policy. We call it the 'Women Friendly City Project' since it is a policy aimed to encourage social participation, establish a woman-friendly sociocultural environment, and ultimately pursue happiness.
'A Caring Seoul' This aims at strengthening the child-care responsibility of society and supporting social minorities. Various services are provided for women to balance work and family life. The project will realize gender equality and establish society as a care giver by supporting social minorities such as the elderly, single parent and the disabled.
'An Active Seoul'
This has a goal of encouraging the economic activities of women and strengthening their stability in society. For this, it is indispensable to develop a female workforce, create decent jobs for women, support their working in and outside the home, and create work places where gender equality is guaranteed.
'An Abundant Seoul' This focuses on improving women's quality of life by expanding cultural and leisure opportunities for them. Main projects in the abundant Seoul include making women-friendly cultural facilities, establishing small gyms for women and providing cultural programs for women.
'A Convenient Seoul' This is for improving women's convenience, accessibility to public places and mobility on public transportation to make a womenfriendly city environment. The Convenient Seoul policy focuses on building a city where a women's perspective is well-reflected across the residential environment and public places.
The Women Friendly City Project is in charge of the Women and Family Policy Affairs of the Seoul metropolitan government; the bureau steers the project managing promotion plans and outcomes of the project. The excavation and execution of the project is in the hands of 16 offices, investment institutions and government-funded institutions of the Seoul metropolitan government. Each office chooses projects which need the integration of gender perspective and establishes action plans. Each district government sets up its own Women Friendly City Project suitable for characteristics of the region