Welcome to the website of the 2nd Metropolis Women International Network Forum Dynamic Cities Need Women: Visions and Challenges for a Women Friendly City to be held in Seoul on 21~24 October 2009, co-hosted by the Metropolis-Women International Network and Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Metropolis-Women International Network, representing the World Association of Major Metropolises with the network of 104 member cities over the world, will continue to promote its initiative, 'Dynamic Cities Need Women, 'following the first forum in Brussels. With the policy experience in reframing the entire city administration through the 'Women-friendly City' project since 2007, Seoul Metropolitan Government will be the host of the forum.
Metropolitan cities are facing common socioeconomic challenges in the wave of globalization and economic restructuring. Cities are struggling with the solutions for sustainable economy, environment, and welfare system. 'Women-friendly city' is a symbolic theme of the forum, representing the idea of viewing the urban issues and policies through women's eyes. The forum will gather representatives from central and local governments, NGO activists, and scholars to share the visions for a women-friendly city, which will ultimately lead to the discussion on the new vision of the sustainable cities for all. The forum sessions will cover the following 4 agenda in detail with 8 sub-workshops:
  • Mainstreaming Gender in City Polices
  • Empowering Women in Economic Crisis
  • Building a Safe City for Women
  • Fostering Diversity and Women's Creativity
Creative and diverse energy is essential to dynamic city building. Women's creative and collective powers will be celebrated in the Forum. We look forward to meeting you in Seoul.


With the support of Mr. Se-Hoon Oh, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government and of Mr. Jean-Paul Huchon, President of Metropolis - the World Association of Major Metropolises.